How to update project’s data

What info requires regular updates?

  • Projects resolving social problems caused by war are often created out of a sudden, without thorough planning and preparations. Only after some time they get their identity, social network connections and additional resources. These conditions require regular check for updates on any new information we provide, since any project can change (or just create) their logo, website or even naming.
  • As long as projects are developing, they have appearing tasks to do, modifying methodology and extending processes. To support these activities new volunteers are in demand. Almost every project info describes these activities and needs, and to simplify the access to the actual tasks we provide links to request boards along the project site, where one can find new requests to complete.

Which projects should I choose?

  • If you feel yourself capable and eager to help, we will provide you a project list to work with. Your task will be to verify the info about projects in the list on our site: check whether all of the links lead to correct places, which info exists and which info should be added. You can pick up a set of projects from the list to check according to your suitable work/life balance. We will expect you to be responsible for the set that we give you to verify.

Let’s take a look on the example:

To check project info, you have to get into project list, then pick any project. Let it be for now Israel4Ukraine


There we can see a project card with such information as:

  • Logo
  • Title
  • Problems to resolve by project
  • Website
  • Social media links
  • Countries, where project is active.
  • Additional project info


Here is how the Project card in Reshim project list and additional project info look like. There are only few projects with provided additional info, so it is crucial not only to verify the data relevance, but to select from type list or to do additional online search to compile absent data, which can describe the project better, so we can represent it as additional info.

That’s all for now! If you’re willing to try, please contact any of our coordinators in Telegram: