Working with project tasks tutorial

Hi! Nice to have you aboard! Our ambitious task is to surf the Internet and get all the humanitarian projects that deal with Russian aggression in the Ukraine together, as well as their needs and their applications for help. We are at the very beginning and you're going to be a part of a test process that will be a well-working system further.

What are the project tasks?

Project tasks are all their needs and requests that might be covered by finding people with exact and suitable skills and knowledge. It can be anything, but in general, they might be divided into two categories:

1) a project subject related For example, for a project that helps with free English courses the task would be to find volunteer English teachers. While for the psychological support projects the task would be to find volunteer therapists and psychologists.

2)a project special needs (let’s call it an extra credit task) related

That could be a one-time search for a financial law expert in the country where a project operates, as they have registered an NPO and they want to employ staff. Or it might be a Python programmer, who is needed to create a bot to automate processes.

Currently, we are reporting about the tasks in the telegram channel for volunteers. **TAKE A LOOK** what the posts look like. We use this structure to fill in all of them. Every task should reflect the main project requirements clearly and concisely.

— Where they might be found?

If a project is publicly active, all their needs might be reflected in their social media posts and stories.


Оголошення у сторіс help_ukraine_kz


Оголошення у сторіс "Золотого ключика”


Оголошення у facebook ICANHELP.HOST

For the projects that are not exposed in social media, their needs might be found on their web sites (pages like ‘How to join us’, ‘How to support us’ etc.).


Activists, journalists, anti-war information projects, and bloggers might be good sources of information as well, as they promote some projects or tell about their needs quite often. You should subscribe to such public figures (if you haven't yet) and monitor their social media publications.

You are more than welcome to improve this methodology or even develop your own one. We will be glad to adopt it and to learn from you!

If there’s a lack of information, what can be done?

You might contact the project by email privately, not mentioning you’re with Reshim.

It makes sense to contact the projects that have already been mentioned in Reshim.Help in order to clarify or update their current needs.

If anything, please contact у

— What, when and how much?

There are no strict requirements here. You can start as soon as you understand your task and you are ready to. Half an hour or an hour a day would be perfectly enough. If you find anything new or interesting while surfing the Internet, it would be great to share it with us :)

Your outcome would be:

— any information about any project we haven’t yet heard about

— any new current request from a project

Good luck!