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Humanitarian work and AI

In the dynamic field of humanitarian action, constant challenges require constant innovation. Even if you have a motivated team, generous donations and supportive partners, scaling your impact remains a race against time. How should you maximize your efforts and solve root problems?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer often overlooked in the nonprofit sector. Here's what you can do now:

  1. AI Essentials: Start with a free LinkedIn course designed for nonprofits: Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn

  2. Experiment with AI: Try simple prompts in a free AI chatbot like GPT-3. Adapt project management prompts here or marketing prompts here.

  3. Embrace AI Experimentation: AI can help with brainstorming, step-by-step problem-solving, and constructive critique. Countless possibilities await discovery.

Stay tuned! We'll be sharing our journey of using AI to tackle the complex problems arising from conflict.