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Reshim Volunteer Projects Hub team introduces a new project - Hugtags

HugTags connects companies and businesses with humanitarian projects that address the impacts of war, regardless of their initial level of engagement. HugTags directs a portion of each purchase to the chosen initiative, empowering buyers to select projects. Meanwhile, prices remain competitive, and companies determine the charitable contribution.

The purchase is processed either online or offline on the business side. Once the purchase is complete, the customer will have access to a page on the site where they can select a project to support with their donation. The HugTags team will offer customers a variety of humanitarian projects, for example delivering humanitarian supplies, helping children in need or supporting medical workers in Ukraine.

Reshim and Hugtags team have created a multi-stage system for vetting businesses and initiatives. Reshim acts as an intermediary to ensure a transparent donation process as well as in the verification process of humanitarian projects.

HugTags exists on a non-profit basis and does not receive bonuses or rewards from partners.

Projects that can be supported:

  1. Zeilen van Vrijheid - Medics and volunteers buying and transporting medical vehicles, aid, and equipment to Ukraine.

  2. Rubikus - Transferring war-affected Ukrainians to welcoming locations in Europe.

  3. Ethos - Support for victims in Ukraine and Artsakh: housing, jobs, psychological support and medical care.

  4. Israel4Ukraine - Group of volunteers in Israel that are helping people of Ukraine: from evacuation to food supply.

  5. Angels of Freedom - A charitable project to help affected schools and kindergartens in Ukraine.

  6. Queer Svit - Helping LGBTQ+ and global majority affected by war in Ukraine.

  7. Sunflower Care e.V - Evacuation for people with children, chronic illnesses and mental disabilities.

  8. Teachers for Ukrainian kids - Free classes in biology, chemistry, physics, maths, IT, and foreign languages for children from Ukraine.

  9. Bikes 4 Ukraine - Non-profit organisation collecting donations to send used bicycles from Western Europe to Ukraine.

  10. Rescue Now - Evacuating people from war zones and looking after the elderly in eastern Ukraine.

  11. Ukrainian Refugees UAPT - Provide refugees housing, employment, psychological, medical, economic and legal support.

  12. Dobri Vchynky Razom - Carrying out charitable acts in the interests of socially vulnerable groups and their pets.

  13. Starenki - Providing food assistance to lonely elderly people in difficult life circumstances.

  14. ZDOROVI - Helping hospitals and medics in Ukraine to access modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

  15. CASERS - Volunteer project that organises humanitarian aid and free evacuation buses to Europe.

  16. Ukraine shelter - Providing free temporary shelters in local residences for Ukrainians who have left Ukraine.

  17. Marsh Zhinok - A feminist initiative that supports women by providing safe spaces and distributing medicines, food and items for children.

  18. Young Folks - Helping with transportation, accommodations, free food, and necessities for war-affected persons.

  19. BEHIND BLUE EYES - Ukrainian children are given disposable cameras to document the liberation of their homeland. Their Instagram page publishes the children’s wishes and viewers can donate to make these dreams come true.

  20. Nezabutni - Helping the elderly, people with dementia and their families get the support they need in war situations.

  21. Onuky - Cultivating the values of supporting the elderly by organising humanitarian missions to de-occupied villages, and educating children and adults in Ukraine.