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Finding a volunteer for a Ukrainian project is more valuable than any donation

Hello! My name is Polina, and I serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Reshim project. We are actively seeking volunteers to participate in various humanitarian initiatives throughout Ukraine.

The demand for volunteers is ever-present. Every day, countless individuals in Ukraine desperately need assistance. Current humanitarian projects are continually expanding, and new ones emerge regularly. Whether you're an administrator, psychologist, designer, or IT specialist, there's a role for you. Each volunteer joining a Ukrainian initiative represents tangible, positive change. Sometimes, the impact of a single volunteer can outweigh even the most generous monetary donations.

When I successfully match a volunteer with a project, I am reminded of the hope and potential for good in the world. Even from afar, your contributions can have a profound effect on real lives in Ukraine. While the recruitment process for volunteers is quite similar to that of commercial entities, there's a significant distinction: we seek individuals willing to dedicate their time and skills without monetary compensation. This challenge might seem daunting initially. However, my year as a coordinator has reinforced my belief that the right people are always out there. Volunteering is not only a globally recognized endeavor that can enhance your CV but also a testament to the inherent human desire to help one another. Many, blessed with more, empathize deeply with the anguish of those affected by war. They yearn to alleviate this suffering, not just in spirit, but through tangible actions.

Before finalizing a volunteer's placement, I engage in detailed discussions with both the project representatives and the prospective volunteer. This process fosters understanding and strengthens connections. The moment a volunteer begins their journey with a project is immensely gratifying. It's a reaffirmation of humanity's capacity for kindness, a beacon of hope amidst the shadows of war. It feels like another stride toward triumphing over adversity.

Currently, I am assembling a team of dedicated volunteer assistants. I am eager to share the insights I've garnered over the past year. Together, we will identify and guide invaluable individuals to humanitarian projects. If you're prepared to embark on this journey, click here to get started. Please note that our projects primarily cater to Ukrainian citizens or residents fluent in Ukrainian.

Project Testimonials:

  • Ukraine Shelter: "You're doing an incredible job! Your timely initiative is deeply appreciated. We're always grateful for such support."

  • Project Catch The Sun: "It's heartwarming to know that online platforms like yours exist. Immense gratitude for your endeavors!"

  • RINA: "Reshim has been instrumental in connecting us with the right volunteers for our project. The professionalism and responsiveness of the Reshim team have been exemplary, ensuring all our queries were promptly addressed."