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Priya Lakshman
8 місяців на сайті, 2 коментарі
flag Польща, Мазовецьке, Варшава
Мої навички:
Вчитель, викладач, педагог
Про себе:

As a teacher , I contributed to the academic, emotional, and social development of students, using an effective, positive, and flexible teaching style. I created meaningful curriculum that met all education standards and requirements, and engaged the interest of students. I increased student participation and learning outcomes by 30% through innovative and interactive teaching methods.

I have a strong educational background in economics and social science, with a Master of Arts from Government Victoria College and a Bachelor of Education from N.S.S Training College Ottappalam. I also have a DUO accreditation to teach in the Netherlands, which demonstrates my proficiency in English and my adaptability to different educational systems and cultures.

I have completed Human Resource foundation course in September 2023

I am a hardworking, passionate, and dedicated educator, who is always willing to work beyond the comfort zone and collaborate with other teachers, school staff, and family members to support the students.

My goal is to inspire and empower today's youth to achieve their full potential and become active and responsible citizens.