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Reshim Hub - unites humanitarian projects and volunteers
Here projects find resources for development, share needs, and find solutions thanks to a community of volunteers. Join and help those who are already helping.
We care about your privacy so you can use our services with peace of mind. We endeavour to keep your data secure and our systems are designed and compliant with GDPR requirements. Learn more in our personal data processing policy.
How Reshim works
Go to the catalogue and find a task for you.
The platform has more than 900 relevant tasks from humanitarian initiatives waiting for your response.
Register and respond to tasks — it's secure
We store your data on Digital Ocean's servers, which ensures reliable protection.
Find out about new tasks
Receive up-to-date volunteer tasks and information about humanitarian projects in a convenient channel: by mail or on Telegram.
All tasks of humanitarian projects
We have collected in one list all the tasks of humanitarian projects related to the war in Ukraine. Our volunteers have checked these tasks for relevance and compliance to our humanitarian mission. Find the right task and help humanitarian projects.
Tell us about your project's objectives
500 initiatives are already helping to change the world - tell us about your idea and find like-minded people. Describe your initiative and create your first task. Our volunteers will contact you and publish your task on the website.
Spread the word
Help build a sustainable infrastructure to help anti-war initiatives. We are as transparent as possible and report our expenses regularly. Thank you for your support!
«Reshim» helps humanitarian and anti-war projects because we believe in:
Join us! Let's work together - so we can make a real impact on the lives of people who face humanitarian challenges head-on.
The development and progress of civil society
Human rights (as defined by the UN Universal Declaration)
Humanitarian principles (as defined by UNGA Resolution 46/182)
Commitment to international law on the issue of territorial integrity
Efficiency and productivity
Collective action for global change
Community collaboration
Join us! Let's work together - so we can make a real impact on the lives of people who face humanitarian challenges head-on.
Our partners
How do I respond to a task and start helping?
Click the "Respond" button under the task and write about yourself in the window that appears: your experience and skills, how many hours a week you are ready to help, and where you are located (if the task is offline).
How can I safely help humanitarian and anti-war projects?
When creating an account on the "Reshim" platform, do not enter any personal data (use a pseudonym and an avatar without your photo). When responding to a task, do not leave personal data in the response field. If possible, use secure email (without your first and last name).
How to add a project?
- Create a task on our platform, leaving links to your project in the comments;
- Write to us in Telegram-bot, telling us about your project;
- Email us on LinkedIn or [email protected].
How do I add a task to my project?
Create a task on our platform using this link. If necessary, use the instructions.
How to accept a volunteer response?
- Authorize on the platform and get the status of project curator (to do this, write to our Telegram-bot about which project on the platform is yours).
- Reply to the volunteer in private messages, ask for contacts or additional information.
- If the volunteer is a good match for you, give him/her the status "Help accepted".
You can read the full guide to working with the platform here.