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We can't stop wars today, but we know where help is needed
Here are all the tasks that help fight the effects of war and support those who have been affected. Use your skills to help.
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We have collected in one list all the tasks of humanitarian projects related to the war in Ukraine. Our volunteers have checked these tasks for relevance and relevance to our humanitarian mission. Find the right task and help humanitarian projects.
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500 initiatives are already helping to change the world - tell us about your idea and find like-minded people. Describe your initiative and create your first task. Our volunteers will contact you and publish your task on the website.
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About Reshim.

Our goal is to lift the world's people out of suffering. To achieve this, we bring projects and volunteers together, creating new horizontal links. Through volunteering, we help build relationships with people and develop our professional skills. Join us! Let's work together - so we can make a real impact on the lives of people who face humanitarian challenges face-to-face.