Reshim — your gateway to supporting initiatives alleviating the consequences of war.
We collaborate with partners to realise projects in the field of charity and social engagement. If you are looking for established tools to make a difference in people’s lives — let’s do it together!
Hugtags is a project that invites businesses to make a real contribution to humanitarian initiatives. On our platform, companies post their products and services, and a portion of the sales proceeds is allocated to humanitarian projects listed in the Reshim catalogue.
We carefully select projects to ensure trust and transparency: we check their compliance with humanitarian criteria and look for tangible proof of assistance provided. Through Hugtags, companies show that they too can help people affected by war, while customers buy their favourite products. Together, we make the world a better place.
Support our efforts to expand the project and connect new partners for greater impact on war-affected communities. More details
AntiwarART is a unique project that brings together artists from different countries. The artists create illustrations that we put on postcards and stickers and sell to benefit humanitarian projects.
Each illustration is unique and created for a specific project from our catalogue. The prints can be purchased from our partners. All profits from the sale go to the projects that inspired the artists, and the QR codes on the images link to their respective volunteer projects.
Support the project by displaying the prints in your institution, spreading the word, or purchasing the illustrations to add to your collection or as an addition to a corporate gift. Donate available funds to advance the project’s development and support its participants!
Initiatives Aggregator
The Initiatives Aggregator has already supported over 600 projects, engaging hundreds of volunteers to use their skills to develop humanitarian and anti-war initiatives. Despite progress, the ongoing war drives the increasing need for such projects and roles.
We are establishing a transparent system for initiatives and the assistance they provide so that people can unite around important goals and showcase collective results. We have an ambitious goal- to map at least 1,000 initiatives by the end of 2023!
This is a challenging task, but together we can do it! Join us in creating the aggregator by contributing. Let's create a platform to show how our help changes the world!